Issue 9(2) Out Now!


This is the second issue of JeDEM in 2017, co-edited with Qinfeng Zhu from City University of Hong Kong.

This  issue presents some of the best papers from the Conference for eDemocracy and Open Government (CeDEM) held in 2017 and the sister conference CeDEM Asia held in 2016. Whilst the original papers were published in the conference proceedings, JeDEM presents the extended and updated versions by Heike Hermanns, Benjamin Huffman, Morten Nielsen Meyerhoff, Marco Deseriis (winner of the CeDEM17 best paper prize), Jan T. Frecè and Thomas Selzam, Martin Beno, Kathrin Figl, Jürgen Umbrich, and Axel Polleres. These papers tackle two overarching themes, the role of new media technologies in shaping political participation, and the use of ICTs in the public sector for service delivery, smart city and open data initiatives.

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