CeDEM Asia 2020: Digital Citizenship at the Crossroads (CfP)



CeDEM Asia 2020: Digital Citizenship at the Crossroads

15-16 May 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Call for Papers

CeDEM Asia 2020 aims to bring together academics, policy-makers, industry professionals, and civil society activists to discuss the role of social media, mobile technology, big data, and digital innovation in the future of citizenship and governance in Asia and worldwide. The conference aims to promote the exchange of ideas, networking, and collaboration on the topics of citizen engagement, political campaigning, misinformation, political polarization, populism, e-government, smart cities, and other emerging topics. 

Main conference themes: digital participation, social media weaponization, campaigning, populism, civic engagement, e-government, smart cities.

Track 1: Social Media and Citizen Engagement

Track 2: Weaponizing Digital Media

Track 2: E-government, Smart Cities, and Emerging Topics

Submission deadline: 20 December 2019

All details here: https://wordpress.com/post/digitalgovernment.wordpress.com/17391