Journal of eDemocracy and Open Government Vol 11(2) Special Issue: Open Government: Inclusion, Impact and Participation with Guest Editor Mary Francoli, Carleton University (CAN) out now!


The Open Government Partnership Academy partnered with the Journal of eDemocracy and Open Government to publish a special edition of the Journal drawing on the conference articles. This special edition "Open Government: Inclusion, Impact, and Participation", offers those authors who have had their papers accepted to the OGP Academy 2019 a venue to publish their revised and updated work.


Table of Contents:

Mary Francoli, Noella Edelmann: Editorial JeDEM Vol. 11, No. 2 (2019)

Special Issue: Research Papers

Edgar Alejandro Ruvalcaba-Gomez: Open Government and Citizen Participation: Perceptions between Civil Society Organizations and Government.

Magdalena Calderón, Rafael Araya-Bugueño: The Codes of Ethics in the Public Sector and the Incorporation of Values that Promote Open Government The Chilean Case

Carlos Aguilar Volta: Local Open Government Model for Rural Municipalities Opportunities and barriers from the experience of Calle Larga

David Riveros García: Politics, technology, and accountability: The Transparency Façade of Open Government Data Reforms in Paraguay

Dr. Ruth Cruz, Dr. Hong Joo Lee: Open Governance and Duality of Technology: The open data designer-user disconnect in the Philippines

Special Issue: Reflections

Renato Manuel Berrino Malaccorto, Maricel Lonati: Local open government: opportunities and challenges in terms of impact and participation. The case of the City of Buenos Aires.

Manuel Zometa: Outcome Indicator Matrix (OIM): a Tool to Assess National Action Plans

Tatia Nikvashvili: Open Governance as a Tool for Strengthening the System of e-Democracy in Georgia