JeDEM is now using ReviewerCredits!



Do you also think that reviewing should deserve more credit? Then we’ve got news for you!

Our OA Journal for E-Democracy and Open Government (JeDEM) started to use ReviewerCredits. This is a great tool that received worldwide attention to acknowledge reviewing efforts of researchers, and they also offer free training to reviewers.

ReviewerCredits is an independent platform supporting the peer-review process by validating and certifying activities and providing tangible rewards to reviewers.

We very much recommend to check out their video about how it all works.

ReviewerCredits also announced some news recently. The renewed their functionality on their website, plus they are hosting a webbinar on peer review called “peering into peer-review” on 20th May. Interested? Check it out here.

And more: You can now use your credits and support a green project to help local communities in different continents by planting a new tree. You can support a green initiative in Australia, India and Madagascar.

So join JeDEM in our attempt to better certify, measure and reward the activity of reviewers! If you want to become a reviewer for JeDEM, please sign up at our website and register as reviewer. And don’t forget to specify your reviewing interest, so that we can cover your area of expertise better.