Electronic Support for the Legislative Consultation Process


  • Günther Schefbeck Austrian Parliamentary Administration




legislative, consultation, process, practical requirements, electronic support, electronic tools, Social Web, Semantic Web, argumentation improvement, results evaluation


The paper outlines the theoretical concepts of (legislative) consultation and describes the practical requirements of electronic support for consultation processes. It suggests that new electronic tools, in particular Social and Semantic Web tools, might have a sound potential to increase within civil society the interest in being involved in consultation processes, to improve the quality of argumentation within such processes, and to make more efficient the evaluation of their results.


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Author Biography

Günther Schefbeck, Austrian Parliamentary Administration

Günther Schefbeck has been working for the Austrian Parliamentary Administration since 1986, and has been the head of the department “Parliamentary Documentation, Archives, and Statistics” since 1993. He is also Secretary to the Science Committee and the Committee on Research, Innovation, and Technology of the National Council of the Republic of Austria. From 2004 to 2008, he was President of the Section of Archives and Archivists of Parliaments and Political Parties in the International Council on Archives, and currently he is Vice-President of this Section.
Since the early days of the World Wide Web, he has been researching on the societal impact of the new information and communication technologies, and in particular on eDemocracy and eParticipation issues. He is a member of DEMO-net and the Global Network of IT Experts in Parliaments, and he is regularly publishing and contributing to national and international conferences in the fields of legal informatics and eDemocracy. Occasionally, he is teaching, e.g. at the Legislative XML Summer School at the European University Institute in Florence, and he has provided consultancy, e.g., to the Serbian,  Georgian, and Mozambiquan Parliaments.



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Schefbeck, G. (2010). Electronic Support for the Legislative Consultation Process. JeDEM - EJournal of EDemocracy and Open Government, 2(1), 28-38. https://doi.org/10.29379/jedem.v2i1.20



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