Procedures and Methods for Cross-community Online Deliberation


  • Cyril Velikanov Politech Institute, Brussels



online deliberation, mass deliberation, eParticipation, self-regulatory eParticipation, multi-language online deliberation, conflict resolution through online deliberation


In this paper we introduce our model of self-regulated mass online deliberation, and apply it to a context of cross-border deliberation involving translation of contributions between participating languages, and then to a context of cross-community online deliberation for dispute resolution, e.g. between opposing ethnic or religious communities. In such a cross-border or cross-community context, online deliberation should preferably progress as a sequence of segmented phases each followed by a combining phase. In a segmented phase, each community deliberates separately, and selects their best contributions for being presented to all other communities. Selection is made by using our proposed mechanism of mutual moderation and appraisal of contributions by participants themselves. In the subsequent combining phase, the selected contributions are translated (by volunteering or randomly selected participants among those who have specified appropriate language skills) and presented to target segments for further appraisal and commenting. Our arguments in support of the proposed mutual moderation and appraisal procedures remain mostly speculative, as the whole subject of mass online self-regulatory deliberation still remains largely unexplored, and there exist no practical realisation of it .


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Velikanov, C. (2010). Procedures and Methods for Cross-community Online Deliberation. JeDEM - EJournal of EDemocracy and Open Government, 2(2), 170–183.



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