Open science and the academic profession




Open science, research data management, academic profession, open access, citizen science


Open science is considered a new science paradigm to make research accessible, accountable, and effective. Open science is already changing the academic profession starting from micro-practices to professional relations with epistemic communities and stakeholders, with implications that we are not yet able to predict. The article delves first into literature and official documentation to unfold the discursive regimes which sustain the spread of open science. A specific focus is then devoted to the professional transition, highlighting the role of funding organizations in setting the new science environment and the subjective experience of academics. The article is completed by a case study in the field of Research Data Management where the misalignment among incumbent/changing processes can be more apparent. Finally, a research agenda that focuses on how academic micro-practices are affecting organizations and science structures is proposed. This article aims at beginning to plow the ground for new research directions to emerge.


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Author Biographies

Rosanna De Rosa, University of Naples Federico II

ROSANNA DE ROSA is professor at the University of Naples Federico II where she teaches Political Communication and leads several European projects. Her publications are mainly aimed at analyzing the impact of new technologies on politics - with a focus on the constituency communication, digital democracy and electronic government- and on eResearch and education - with a focus on MOOCs, Learning Analytics, Open Science. Among her publications: A research agenda on MOOCS: the perspective of social sciences, Italian Journal of Educational Technolog, Volume 26, Number 2, 2018. With Biagio Aragona, Big data in Policy Making, Mathematical Computational Science (MPS), 15 Feb 2018. And Unpacking Big Data in Education. A Research Framework. Statistics, Politics and Policy, Vol.8, n. 2.

Biagio Aragona, Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II

BIAGIO ARAGONA is Associate professor in Sociology at the University of Naples “Federico II”, where he teaches Digital methods and Big Data and Advanced methods for quantitative research. He is managing editor of the AIS Journal of Sociology. His research activity has always been dedicated to the use of secondary data for the analysis of society, to the use of big data and algorithms in policy making, and to the management of open data in social research.




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De Rosa, R., & Aragona, B. (2021). Open science and the academic profession. JeDEM - EJournal of EDemocracy and Open Government, 13(2), 184–205.



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