Using open data for digital innovation: Barriers for use and recommendations for publishers




Open government data, open data barriers, open data recommendations, open data publishing, product innovation


Open data from the public sector can fuel the innovation of digital products. This paper investigates barriers and success factors regarding use of open data in such innovations, and how public sector can increase the value of published data. A multimethod approach was used. An initial study identified aspects of relevance through interviews, a system development experiment, and a focus group. An in-depth study used the insight to perform interviews and a survey targeting innovators. Details on data needs, discovery, assessment, and use were found as well as barriers regarding use of open data in digital product innovations.  Associated recommendations to data owners are provided regarding how they can increase the innovation capacity through appropriate licenses and service levels; convenient access mechanisms; publishing channels and infrastructures; transparency and dialogue; data, metadata, documentation, and APIs of high quality; harmonization and standardization.


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Author Biographies

Marit K. Natvig, SINTEF

Marit K. Natvig works as a senior researcher in SINTEF, Norway. She has a background from software engineering and her research areas are ICT for smart cities and societies, software architectures and ICT for multimodal and sustainable passenger and freight transport, open data and data sharing, and innovation based on shared data. She was the leader of a smart city research group in SINTEF for several years, and she has extensive experience as a leader and technical coordinator of national and European research and innovation projects in the areas of ICT for transport and open data.

Shanshan Jiang, SINTEF

Shanshan Jiang received her PhD degree from the Department of Telematics of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2008. She is currently a senior research scientist in SINTEF, Norway. Her research interests include software engineering and architecture, open data and data sharing, ICT for smart cities, and blockchain. She has extensive experience with EU and national research and innovation projects within the area of software engineering, open data, smart cities, and smart energy management. She has been leading several EU and national research and innovation projects within the open data and smart cities areas.

Erlend Stav, SINTEF

Erlend Stav is a senior research scientist at SINTEF, Norway. He received his Dr. Scient (PhD) in Computer and Information Science from NTNU in 2006. His research interests include open data, software architecture, quality of service, model driven development, tools development, and user centered design. He has extensive experience from national and European research projects and has applied his research in a variety of domains including smart cities, multimodal transport, avionics, health, assisted living, and fisheries.




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Natvig, M. K., Jiang, S., & Stav, E. (2021). Using open data for digital innovation: Barriers for use and recommendations for publishers. JeDEM - EJournal of EDemocracy and Open Government, 13(2), 28–57.



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