Open Government Data Programs and Information Privacy Concerns: A Literature Review




Open Government Data; Information Privacy; De-identification; Privacy Risks; Risk Assessment


This study presents a narrative review of the literature on privacy concerns of Open Government Data (OGD) programs and identifies suggested technical, procedural, and legal remedies. Peer-reviewed articles were identified and analysed from major bibliographic databases, including Web of Science, Digital ACM Library, IEEE Explore Digital Library, and Science Direct. Included articles focus on identifying individual information privacy concerns from the viewpoint of OGD stakeholders or providing solutions for mitigating concerns and risks. Papers that discussed and focused on general privacy issues or privacy concerns of open data in general or open science privacy concerns were excluded. Three streams of research were identified: 1) exploring privacy concerns and balance with OGD value propositions, 2) proposing solutions for mitigating privacy concerns, and 3) developing risk-based frameworks for the OGD program at different governmental levels. Findings suggest that contradictions with Fair Information Practices, reidentification risks, conflicts with OGD value propositions, and smart city data practices are significant privacy concerns in the literature. Proposed solutions include technical, legal, and procedural measures to mitigate privacy concerns. Building on the findings, practical implications and suggested future research directions are provided.


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Barati, M. (2023). Open Government Data Programs and Information Privacy Concerns: A Literature Review. JeDEM - EJournal of EDemocracy and Open Government, 15(1), 73–123.