eParticipation that Works. Evidence from the Old Europe


  • Francesco Molinari PARTERRE Project




Spatial Planning, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Electronic Town Meeting, DEMOS-Plan


This paper collects some evidence from a now completed EU-funded project, aimed at the localisation and institutionalisation of two eParticipatory tools, DEMOS-Plan and the Electronic Town Meeting, within real public administration processes. The independent or combined usage of the two tools, supported by the Living Labs approach has been tested in 18 local pilots across several regions of Europe, from Ulster (UK) to Sicily and Tuscany (Italy), from Turku Archipelago (Finland) to Voroklini (Cyprus). Selected policy domains include (among others): Spatial Planning, Socio-Economic Programming, Strategic Environmental Assessment, and Open Government. Deployment has led to a number of interesting implications for the European public authorities, such as: i) building up of a cost effective ICT platform that enables regular or occasional consultation of remotely and sparsely located citizens and stakeholders; ii) gradually migrating the whole administrative system related to spatial data infrastructure towards a full digitalisation of the “legally compulsory” exchanges between planning agencies, local stakeholders and the general public; and iii) setting the stage for these two facilities to become practically interoperable to each other and across different EU Member States.


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Author Biography

Francesco Molinari, PARTERRE Project

Francesco Molinari is an independent research and project manager working for several public and private organizations in Europe, since 2009 as Associate to the London based 21C Consultancy Firm. In his career he has been involved in the coordination of (or participation in) about twenty ICT-related projects at European, national and regional level – many of them on the topics of eParticipation and eGovernance. For the European Commission, among others, he wrote in 2008 a study for the assessment of the Living Labs approach in the EU innovation and Future Internet scenario. For the Italian Government, he has led in 2011-2012 a State Region Working Group aimed at establishing PCP (Pre Commercial Procurement) in the local public administration practice.




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Molinari, F. (2012). eParticipation that Works. Evidence from the Old Europe. JeDEM - EJournal of EDemocracy and Open Government, 4(2), 245–264. https://doi.org/10.29379/jedem.v4i2.152



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