The two door Perspective: An assessment framework for Open Government

  • Rodrigo Sandoval State University of Mexico
Keywords: open government model, assessment open government, assess, metrics, systems.


The recent trend of open government in the worlds has created an avalanche of initiatives, metrics, and research paths. However this directions are usually random and disperse. Governments around the world understand the trend with different perspectives, focus and theoretical approaches. Neverthelss the open government perspective is evolving step by step. This paper proposes an assessment framework to contribute on the line of reflection and understand of open government initiatives. And helps policymakers, stakeholders, practicioners and scholars to improve this field and spend public resources in a more accurate way. The paper is structured as follows: an introductory section that leads the open government problem and directions; a second section of literature review; a third section of model proposal and a final section of discussion and future research.


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Author Biography

Rodrigo Sandoval, State University of Mexico
Rodrigo Sandoval-Almazán is an Assistant Professor in the Research Center of Business College in the Autonomous State University of Mexico, in Toluca City and a Research Fellow at the Center for Development of Information Technologies and Electronics of the ITESM. He has lectured on topics such as Information Systems for business, Information Systems strategy for business; political marketing strategy; electronic commerce development; Political Sciences Foundations; Digital Divide in emergent countries; Policy Analysis, Organization Theory, Database Applications, Statistics, Web Development, Quantitative Analysis and Modeling, Research Methods, Public Administration Theory, and Local Government Management.



Dr. Sandoval-Almazán is the author or co-author of articles in Handbook of research on Public Information Technology; Journal of Information Technology for Development; Espiral: Estudios sobre Estado y Sociedad, and Espacios Públicos. His research interests include electronic government, information technologies and organizations, digital divide technology, online political marketing, new public management, and multi-method research approaches.


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