Values, Benefits, Considerations and Risks of AI in Government

A Study of AI Policies in Sweden


  • Daniel Toll Linköping University
  • Ida Lindgren Linköping University
  • Ulf Melin Linköping University
  • Christian Ø. Madsen The IT University of Copenhagen



Artificial intelligence, e-Government values, public sector, benefits, risks


There is currently an ongoing, global race to develop, implement and make use of AI in both the private and public sector. How AI will affect responsibilities and public values to be upheld by government remains to be seen. This paper analyzes how AI is portrayed in Swedish policy documents and what values are attributed to the use of AI, based on an established e-government value framework. Statements are identified in policy documents and are coded into one of four value ideal, as well as being either a benefit, consideration, or risk. We conclude that there is discrepancy in the policy level discourse concerning AI between the different value ideals and that the discourse surrounding AI may be overly optimistic. A more nuanced view of AI in government is needed for creating realistic expectations.


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Toll, D., Lindgren, I., Melin, U., & Madsen, C. Ø. (2020). Values, Benefits, Considerations and Risks of AI in Government: A Study of AI Policies in Sweden. JeDEM - EJournal of EDemocracy and Open Government, 12(1), 40–60.



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