Publishers Working with Open Government Data: A Work Framework




open government data,, publisher, provider, process, publish, release, work framework


This paper presents an Open Government Data (OGD) publisher framework, with work roles, field of work, and environmental descriptions. Previous knowledge about publishers' work is fragmented, with gaps and variations, indicating a high level of complexity with variations in approaches and processes. A two-stage research approach, based on Design Science Research, was used to synthesize the publisher framework. First, a tentative framework was synthesized from previous research, empirical material, and public documents. Second, it was reviewed by informed OGD experts, as well as researchers attending a work conference, and evaluated in two international contexts. As a result, the publisher framework includes environments, social units, and fields of work. The publisher framework is ready to be evaluated in other international contexts, where as, practitioners can use it to inform their work.


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Cruose, J., & Ahlin, K. (2022). Publishers Working with Open Government Data: A Work Framework. JeDEM - EJournal of EDemocracy and Open Government, 14(1), 19-49.



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